Paper.js — The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting.

Paper.js is an open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas. It offers a clean Scene Graph / Document Object Model and a lot of powerful functionality to create and work with vector graphics and bezier curves, all neatly wrapped up in a well designed, consistent and clean programming interface.

Paper.js is based on and largely compatible with Scriptographer, a scripting environment for Adobe Illustrator with an active community of scripters and more than 10 years of development.

Paper.js is easy to learn for beginners and has lots to master for intermediate and advanced users.

Paper.js is developed by Jürg Lehni & Jonathan Puckey, and distributed under the permissive MIT License.

Getting Started


Paper.js is not simply a wrapper around the Canvas, it offers much more:

Read our tutorials to learn more about the features of Paper.js.

Browser Support

Paper.js is aimed at modern browsers with support for the Canvas object and EcmaScript 5. Even though in theory it is possible to write code that works in older browsers (Yes Explorer 8 and below, we are looking at you!), we currently do not support them out of the box. Let’s go forward!