Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia

This Google DevArt winner combines Paper.js with body tracking in wonderful ways.

NY Times: You Made That

The New York Times turned to Paper.js for this fun abstract art tool.

Foursquare's Timemachine

Four Square uses Paper.js to allow their users to visually relive their check-in history.

Google Chrome Racer

Google Creative Lab: “Rendering our custom tracks and fluid car movements required a solid JavaScript vector library. Paper.js can handle the path math without getting lapped.”


Generative images created using Paper.js running on Node.js


Your interaction on this portfolio site is visualized by an ever-growing winding path in the background.

Good Game Club

The website of this games conference uses the cursor as a lightsource casting shadows on the blocks of content.

Staggering Beauty

Warning: The following Paper.js example contains flashing images.

Schauspiel Stuttgart

The interim page for theater Schauspiel Stuttgart creates calligraphic lines when you move your mouse.

Weird Faces Study

These hand drawn looking faces were procedurally generated using Paper.js.


This beautiful sound visualizer combines Paper.js with the HTML5 Audio API.

The Paintshop is a real time collaborative painting tool by Swedish artist Jonas Lund.

Some pretty swimming fishes in the background of the personal site of Ricardo Sánchez.